Claiming & Permissions

Starting your Land

If you do not have one already, you will need to create your land by running the following command, replacing <name> with your desired land name (this can be anything)!

/land create <name>

To claim your first bit of land, find an area in the Earth world (use /rtp to navigate to this world), and run the following command, replacing <name> with your land's name.

/land claim <name>

Particles will appear to show you the area of your claim. You can claim more land by entering the wilderness and executing the same command. Claims do not have to be connected, but if you claim an area of land next to land that you have already claimed, the claims will automatically merge!


Managing your Land

Once you have created your land, it's time to add members, configure what each land group can do inside your land and allow players to use areas within your land.

The land management process is handled through a menu. To open the land management panel, run the following command.



Trusted Players

To invite a player to your land, run the following command, replacing <player> with the name of the player you wish to invite. 

/lands invite <player>


Land Settings

You can toggle land settings by entering the Land Settings menu. You can choose whether pistons work, leaf blocks decay, TNT explodes, etc.


Land Roles

Each trusted player can be given a role depending on how many permissions you would like them to have in your area. To configure what permissions each role gets, open the roles menu, click on the role you wish to edit, and toggle the options that are available.



If you're building a town and you want to designate a plot to a player, or group of players, you can create an area.

From the main land management panel menu, click the oak fence to start configuring your areas. Any areas will be displayed in this menu.

Creating a New Area

Follow the instructions to create a new area.

  1. Click the green plus icon in the areas menu.
  2. Enter the name of your new area (this can be anything) into the chat.
  3. Run the command /lands selection.
  4. Left click one corner of your new area, and then left click the second corner of your new area (these corners must be inside your land claim).
  5. Run the command /lands assign <name>, replacing <name> with the name of your new area from step 2.


Configuring an Area

To start configuring an area, open the area management panel and click the area that you would like to configure.

Enter the Trusted Players menu to view all players that are trusted in that area. From here, you can add more trusted players, removed trusted players, and change a trusted player's role.

You can view all of your trusted player invites in the Invites menu. You can revoke an invite to an area by clicking on it.

You can toggle area settings by entering the Area Settings menu. You can choose whether pistons work, leaf blocks decay, TNT explodes, etc.

You can configure the roles in the area to toggle what each role can do in the area and change the priority status.

Land Map

You can see all the claims around you by running the following command.

/lands map

Each type of area is color-coded on the map to display what area it is in relation to your land.


You can unclaimed chunks, stand in it and type /unclaim

You delete a land type /land delete <land name>

then confirm to delete the land permanently


1. Make sure you create a new land with the /lands create (lands name) command if you have 2 claims in different areas, it will make maintaining your claims and permissions easier to manage.

2. Claiming is by chucks and area is set by blocks

3. To view chunk boarders press F3 + G


Seasons bring a new twist to the survival aspect of the server. Each season has temperature and visual changes across the different biomes in the world. Players will be punished for having a bad temperature. The effects start at -10°C and at 50°C. The effects include hunger, slowness, freezing (with damage), healing getting disabled and burning. 


A Minecraft day is 20 minutes long, which means a full season will take around 5 days.

Temperature is set to Celsius by default on the server, players can now change it to Fahrenheit by typing 


Temperature Effect
below -20°C  //  -4°F
Freezing and half a heart damage every 2 seconds.
below -15°C  //  5°F
below -10°C  //  14°F
Above 50°C  //  122°F
No healing
Above 60°C  //  140°F
Above 65°C  //  149°F
The player gets set on fire


The trees get a beautiful colour, the water and sky will get a warm colour, the entire world will be flooded with flowers and baby animals can be found around every corner. Spring gives the world a special feeling, especially after a long and cold winter.

  • Leaves in forests will turn pink and water will have a slight light-blue tint.
  • The sky has a light-blue colour
  • Flowers can be found everywhere, the entire world will look like a flower forest
  • Snow and ice generated in winter will be removed
  • Lots of sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits and chickens will spawn each with 3-5 babies
  • Fireflies will spawn at night
  • Increased spawn rate of bees
  • The average temperature of 5°C-23°C, depending on the biome.
  • Length of the day and night are mostly equal, see day and night length.



The days are becoming longer and the sun is very strong. The world is slowly turning into a big jungle. Animals normally only found in the jungle will now be everywhere. The trees have vibrant green colours similar to jungle leaves and the sky and water become light blue. Crops are also growing extremely fast and temperatures skyrocket. Make sure to take some extra water with you to conquer the heat.

  • Trees and grass in most biomes have a vibrant green colour similar to jungle leaves.
  • Cold biomes (snowy plains, taiga etc) have the grass colour of plains.
  • Hot biomes (desert, savanna) look a bit dry.
  • The colour of the water and sky is light blue.
  • Shooting stars can be seen at night.
  • Fireflies will spawn at night.
  • Flowers placed in the spring will be removed.
  • Leaves fall out of the trees.
  • Patches of berry bushes spawn everywhere.
  • Rain is very rare.
  • Animals that normally spawn in the jungle can now spawn everywhere.
  • Crops/plants without a block somewhere above them will grow 2x as fast.
  • Days will be long (around 13 min) and nights will be short (7 min), see day and night length.
  • Husks will spawn instead of zombies.


Fall / Autumn

The days become shorter and the sun loses its strength. Trees turn into beautiful colours and the ground and water become muddy. The sky is dark and it feels like a storm could break loose any minute. Foxes, bats and spiders start appearing around the world. Forests have never been so beautiful.

  • Trees turn into all kinds of colours: orange, blue, green, yellow and brown. 
  • Grass has a light-brown muddy colour.
  • The sky has a grey colour.
  • The water is brown and looks muddy.
  • Big patches of mushrooms appear.
  • It will rain and storm very often.
  • Small (falling leaf) particles will appear under trees. 
  • Bats spawn above ground at night
  • Foxes appear everywhere.
  • Extra spiders can be found at night and sometimes even cave spiders.
  • The average temperature will be between 5°C-25°C, depending on the biome.
  • Mobs have a 20% chance to spawn with a pumpkin on their head.
  • Day and night lengths are mostly equal, see day and night length.
  • Berry bushes generated by summer are removed.



Temperatures are dropping and survival is becoming a real challenge. Most plants died from the cold snow and the ones that survived can't grow. The lakes and rivers are frozen and swimming could be lethal. The water has a dark-blue colour and the trees and grass are light-grey. Surviving the long and cold nights is truly a challenge. 

  • Leaves and grass have a light-grey tint.
  • The sky is a bit more white.
  • The water is dark blue.
  • All water source blocks without a block somewhere above them will freeze over time.
  • It snows instead of rain. The actual snow texture of vanilla Minecraft is used, not particles. Snow will be removed again after the season.
  • Nights will be long (around 13min) and days will be short (around 7 min). See day and night length.
  • Wolves, white foxes, polar bears and snowmen (without pumpkin) can be found everywhere.
  • Strays will spawn instead of skeletons.
  • There's a 20% chance every night that the sky will be filled with white sparks.
  • Crops/plants will not grow if they don’t have a block (somewhere) above them. This forces players to build indoor farms if they want to grow crops in the winter.
  • The average temperature will be between -10°C-5°C, depending on the biome.
  • Players will have to protect themselves against the cold temperatures.


Nick Names & Color Customizing

*** For Citizen Rank Members and up ***

How to change your in-game nickname 

type in chat /hg nick <nickname>

To add colors use MC color codes:


How to Change your in-game text chat color

*** For Noble Members and up (Citizen can use white color)***

Type /chc <color> or type  /chc color menu


How to change gradient in-game text chat & nickname

*** For Legend Rank Members and up***

You can give your name a gradient fade

Type /hg list in chat to view all colour options

To jump between the different pages of colour type /hg list (1/2)

To add colours to your name type /hg gnick <colour1> <colour2> (player name)

To give your chat colour a gradient fade type /hg chat <colour1> <colour2> 

Type /hg clear (name/chat) to remove any gradients in your in-game chat or nickname.

Custom Enchants

To get Custom Enchants you need to buy Runes from the Rune Master in the middle of spawn. You can buy the runes using XP, once you have the rune you can use it to open the shulkers and get a chance to win one of the runes in their respected crates.

Common Enchants

Kinetic 1 - 6 : Reduces damage taken when flying into a wall — Elytra

Cerebral 1 - 8 : Increases damage on headshots — Bows + Crossbows

Beheading 1 - 3 : Chance of getting player or mob head — Swords + Axes

Oxygenate 1 - 8 : Gain oxygen when breaking blocks underwater — Tools

Stone Switcher 1 - 6 : Breaking stone can drop as variants — Pickaxes

Spring 1 - 3 : Increases jump height and distance — Boots

Respirator 1 - 6 : Reduces dragon breath damage — Helmets

Rare Enchants

Liquid Shot 1 - 5 : Increases damage against fiery mobs and endermen — Bows + Crossbows

Energizing 1 - 3 : Receive a short burst of haste after breaking a block — Tools

Boss Hunter 1 - 8 : Increases damage against bosses — Bows + Crossbows

Serrated 1 - 5 : Trident deals additional damage — Trident

Paralyze 1 - 6 : Chance to give your attacker mining fatigue — Shields

Epic Enchants

Repairing 1 - 3 : Automatically repairs items when not held — Everything

Telekinesis 1 : Drops and XP go directly into your inventory — Tools, Weapons, Ranged

Butchering 1 - 5 : Increases damage against passive mobs — Swords + Axes

Collateral 1 - 4 : Arrows can go through entities — Bows

Grit 1 - 3 : Damages your opponent's weapon — Armor

Stamina 1 - 4 : Decreases hunger loss while sprinting — Boots

Legendary Enchants

Blast Mining 1 : Mines blocks in a 3x3 area — Pickaxes

Lucky Catch 1 - 3 : Chance to double fishing drops — Fishing Rods

Abrasion 1 - 2 :  Damages your opponent's armor — Swords + Axes

Evasion 1 - 3 : Chance to ignore incoming damage — Armor

Criticals 1 - 3 : Increases critical damage — Swords + Axes