Claiming & Permissions

Starting your Land

If you do not have one already, you will need to create your land by running the following command, replacing <name> with your desired land name (this can be anything)!

/land create <name>

To claim your first bit of land, find an area in the Earth world (use /rtp to navigate to this world), and run the following command, replacing <name> with your land's name.

/land claim <name>

Particles will appear to show you the area of your claim. You can claim more land by entering the wilderness and executing the same command. Claims do not have to be connected, but if you claim an area of land next to land that you have already claimed, the claims will automatically merge!


Managing your Land

Once you have created your land, it's time to add members, configure what each land group can do inside your land and allow players to use areas within your land.

The land management process is handled through a menu. To open the land management panel, run the following command.



Trusted Players

To invite a player to your land, run the following command, replacing <player> with the name of the player you wish to invite. 

/lands invite <player>


Land Settings

You can toggle land settings by entering the Land Settings menu. You can choose whether pistons work, leaf blocks decay, TNT explodes, etc.


Land Roles

Each trusted player can be given a role depending on how many permissions you would like them to have in your area. To configure what permissions each role gets, open the roles menu, click on the role you wish to edit, and toggle the options that are available.



If you're building a town and you want to designate a plot to a player, or group of players, you can create an area.

From the main land management panel menu, click the oak fence to start configuring your areas. Any areas will be displayed in this menu.

Creating a New Area

Follow the instructions to create a new area.

  1. Click the green plus icon in the areas menu.
  2. Enter the name of your new area (this can be anything) into the chat.
  3. Run the command /lands selection.
  4. Left click one corner of your new area, and then left click the second corner of your new area (these corners must be inside your land claim).
  5. Run the command /lands assign <name>, replacing <name> with the name of your new area from step 2.


Configuring an Area

To start configuring an area, open the area management panel and click the area that you would like to configure.

Enter the Trusted Players menu to view all players that are trusted in that area. From here, you can add more trusted players, removed trusted players, and change a trusted player's role.

You can view all of your trusted player invites in the Invites menu. You can revoke an invite to an area by clicking on it.

You can toggle area settings by entering the Area Settings menu. You can choose whether pistons work, leaf blocks decay, TNT explodes, etc.

You can configure the roles in the area to toggle what each role can do in the area and change the priority status.

Land Map

You can see all the claims around you by running the following command.

/lands map

Each type of area is color-coded on the map to display what area it is in relation to your land.


You can unclaimed chunks, stand in it and type /unclaim

You delete a land type /land delete <land name>

then confirm to delete the land permanently


1. Make sure you create a new land with the /lands create (lands name) command if you have 2 claims in different areas, it will make maintaining your claims and permissions easier to manage.

2. Claiming is by chucks and area is set by blocks

3. To view chunk boarders press F3 + G