Server Rules

Chat Abuse

  • No spamming or excessive amount of letters, or repetitive messages.
  • Repeating the same message upwards of 3 or more times can also lead to punishments for chat abuse.
  • Advertising or instigating something on the server that is not related to the Hollow Server will result in a warning for chat abuse
  • Usage of languages other than English in the chat is not allowed.


Inappropriate Language 

  • Explicit or foul language is not permitted on this server. 
  • Please be aware of others and keep the conversation child-friendly. Topics that are punishable are sexual topics, swearing & offensive conversations including comments that are homophobic and racial slurs. 
  • It is at the moderator's discretion to decide if the language being used is acceptable. 
  • No swearing in general chat, signs, or private messages
  • If you would like to discuss an incident regarding inappropriate language please make a support ticket through the Hollow Craft Discord. 


Inappropriate Content 

Content that is inappropriate and will result in a warning or ban are the following:

  • Content promoting hate based on race, religion, disability, sexual preference, etc.
  • Sexually explicit content.
  • Use of profanity and/or vulgar language
  • Selling personal information. For example: if an item is listed on AH like "Get my IRL phone number"
  • Impersonating staff 

Inappropriate IGN or Nickname - If banned due to an inappropriate IGN, make a support ticket with proof you changed your IGN. Note: A mod can check NameMC to confirm.

Builds - Builds related to sex or racism will result in a ban. Examples may include but aren’t limited to: Genitalia Builds, Strip Clubs, Hate Symbols and Suggestive Builds.

Signs - Explicit, Racist and Sexual Language is prohibited in order to keep the server a clean and fun place

Items - Items named after Drugs, or have a Sexual or Explicit name will be confiscated and the player will be punished in a warning or ban depending on the item name


Toxic Behaviour

  • Toxic behaviour such as blackmail, bullying/harassment, threats, false reporting, and disrespect to players or staff is strictly prohibited & will warrant a warning or ban depending on the situation. 



  • Attempting to scam a player or staff member is strictly prohibited and results in either a warning or ban depending on the situation and evidence provided. 


Automatics & AFK Mechanics 

24/7 Redstone, Auto-Collect/Auto-Kill Farms, Anti-Afk Mechanics are not allowed, this includes builds or Redstone machines that run without needing any supervision, or farms that do not require you to hit the mob, or collect loot, and does it automatically, Semi-Automatic farms, however, are allowed, the difference between an automatic, and Semi-Automatic, is a Semi-Automatic farm requires second party aid which would be yourself, for it to function, this includes pressing buttons, pulling levers, or doing the finishing blow to the mob yourself. Auto-collect Cactus Farms are allowed as long as they are 16x16x32 or smaller.



  • Raiding: Taking items from a claim you are trusted, or not trusted to is not allowed if you do not own an item will result in a punishment 
  • Griefing: Knowingly destroying someone's build,  lava-casting, as well as damaging a claim would be considered griefing and will result in punishment.


Server Lag 

  • Extreme Griefing, Excessive Explosives Blocks, and Lag Machines will result in punishment.
  • Excessive Spawners: The spawner limit is 16 spawners per every 6 chunks, to view chunks you can use f3+g if you are using a windows device.

IRIC Deals

  • Deals or trades that include real-life currency within the Hollow Server are strictly prohibited and will result in a punishment from a moderator. 
  • The Hollow Server does and will not refund or compensate money involved from real-life trades. 


Exploiting & Hacking 

  • The use of hacking and exploiting for personal advantage on the Hollow Server is highly prohibited and results in a ban from the moderator. 


Alt Abuse

  • Using alts to violate and break the rules as stated above is punishable 
  • The use of alts to evade bans by using alts, or found to be using another player’s accounts you will both be at risk of being punished for the same violation.


*** If you are banned for any of the following it is best to go back and reread the rules so you can know why you were banned. If you are banned and you feel it is wrong please create a support ticket including what happened, why you believe your ban is unjust and any evidence you have, and a mod will look into it. ***